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Elaine's Kitchen Table Podcast | The Business of Real Life | Lessons for Success in Business and Parenting

Sep 29, 2015

In this episode, learn 2 key things to help you in business:

• How to ask for advice
• How not to ask for advice!

Elaine gives you the ABC's of getting answers to your questions from people who have gone before you. The tricky part is that they are most often quite busy, but they are usually willing to help - IF...

Sep 22, 2015

Influential people play by a different set of rules. Teresa de Grosbois is an international speaker and bestselling author on the topic of influence. In today's interview, we learn:

• How the most influential people share their influence, and how to approach them
• The "Premature Ask", or how NOT to approach people...

Sep 15, 2015

Spencer McDonald, businessman, author, keynote speaker, and mentor, talks about:

• the top 3 qualities in a profitable business person
• how people starting out in business unknowingly "finance" their coffee
• why setting a beautiful ship (that you own) on fire is sometimes the right thing to do!
• his habits...

Sep 10, 2015

Nutritionist Brenda Wollenberg continues to talk family fuel, including 3 connections between nutrition and school performance, and her lesson about "coming off the mountain" that radically changed how she trains her clients.

Please check the Show Notes ( for a FREE delicious Smoothie...

Sep 8, 2015

Nutritionist Brenda Wollenberg, author of the book "Overweight Kids In A Toothpick World", talks about something we do multiple times every day - feed our family! Are we moving toward Wellness or Illness? Learn:

• Why World War II matters on your kitchen table
• 3 meanings of the words "sometime foods"
• Why...